11 Things You Won't Learn About Miami Art Week From A Guidebook

Buzzfeed - Louise Khong - entertainment

Prepare for sensory overload.

Can You Make It Through These 17 Photos Without Wanting To Adopt A Senior Dog?

Buzzfeed - Kat Angus - entertainment

Senior dogs need love, too.

Steven Yeun cast in the new Twilight Zone series

Entertainment Weekly - James Hibberd - entertainment

Here's another exciting Twilight Zone casting. Steven Yeun, of The Walking Dead fame, has been cast to star in an episode…

Beauty Vlogger Jenn Im Got An "Eco Makeover" And OMG, We Should All Try It

Buzzfeed - Stephen LaConte - entertainment

"This is actually kinda difficult. Not gonna lie."

The Geminid meteor shower peaks this week, and it'll be a special one

Mashable - Miriam Kramer - entertainment

Get ready for 120 meteors per hour!

Commuter starts petition to move Holland Tunnel's infuriating holiday decorations

Mashable - Morgan Sung - entertainment

Why the heck is the tree placed over the N instead of the A?

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 review: Basic to the extreme, but hands-free Alexa is a nice bonus

Mashable - Jake Krol - entertainment

An ultra-affordable tablet for people who just want to stream and browse.

15 songs turning 20 in 2019

Mashable - entertainment

Pop divas killed in 1999.

These Are The 11 Best Movies Of 2018

Buzzfeed - Alison Willmore - entertainment

This year was bad, but at least the movies were good. Here are my favorites.

Looks Like Miley Cyrus Has Confirmed An Upcoming Role In 'Black Mirror'

The Lad Bible - Jess Hardiman - entertainment

The rumour that she might be appearing in the popular dystopian sci-fi series first cropped up on South African news website IOL

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